BMW Oil Change Services.

Keeping your vehicle in good working order is extremely important. To do this, there are many forms of vehicle service that will need to be done from time to time. One of the most important services that you can have done for your vehicle is an oil change.

A Closer Look At Oil Change Service.

Motor oil is the most important fluid that runs through your vehicle. When your vehicle continues to have clean oil in it, it will help to protect your engine and can keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently. Most of the time, you should expect that you will need to have your oil changed about two times per year. However, the interval schedule will vary based on the type of vehicle you have and miles that you drive. When you receive an oil change, the technician will drain all of the current oil and then replace it with a fresh supply.

Scheduling Timely Oil Changes.

When it is time for you to have an oil change service provided, it is important that you always come in as soon as you can. If you are able to stay current with your oil changes, it can help to take a lot of strain off of your engine. This will help you to continue to enjoy an efficient vehicle and could avoid far more expensive repairs in the future. During an oil change, you will also be able to receive other services including a vehicle inspection, which could help you to identify other service needs.

Oil Changes Services.

  • Full Synthetic – Fully synthetic engine oil lasts considerably longer than conventional oil; it also keeps your engine cleaner and flows better in both hot and cold conditions.
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  • Conventional – Made from refined crude oil, conventional engine oil keeps your engine’s moving metal components lubricated so that they will not be damaged by friction.
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  • Semi-Synthetic – This special blend of conventional and synthetic oil can provide some of the benefits of both: it’s less expensive than full synthetic oil, but keeps your engine cleaner than conventional.
  • Diesel – If your vehicle has a diesel engine, it will require a special oil that has a different viscosity than oil meant for gas engines, as well as additional anti-wear additives.
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What could happen if I delay an oil change for too long?

If you decide to delay an oil change service for too long, it could be problematic for your vehicle. When you do not replace your oil on time, you will start to lose oil or the existing oil will get dirty. This will then put a lot of stress and strain on your engine, which could cause serious damage. Eventually, you may also see your engine start to overheat, which could cause a lot of damage to other parts of your car.

BMW Oil Change Services

Visit BMW of West St. Louis For Expert Oil Change Service.

It is clearly very important that you have your oil changed on time. When it is time for your next oil change service, you should come to BMW of West St. Louis. When you come here, the team will be able to provide you with an oil change or any other services that you need. Due to the great service and vehicle care, it continues to be a great option for anyone in the St. Louis, Chesterfield and Wildwood, MO area.

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