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Innovation has never looked better. #BMWi8

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Every year the rapid growth of technology improves the safety and energy efficiency of vehicles across the world. Technology, like the BMW brand, only moves forward with innovation and design that benefits the user experience. Recently there has been some great advances in BMW driving technology and we can look forward to next year being just as impressive. BMW provides a wide range of technological uses for driver connectivity and driver assistance.

Drive with a new sense of intelligence with plenty of options that assist you in areas of everyday driving. You can drive soundly with active cruise control with stop and go functions that allow you to safely find your cruise control setting while in motion down the highway. This service automatically provides a safe distance from the vehicles ahead of you. With radar technology, you will automatically accelerate back to your desired cruising speed when your lane is clear of other vehicles.

The Head-up display allows for easier visual information to be displayed on the lower area of your windshield. Forget looking to the touchscreen display or on your phone for navigation directions. Your direction and speed are conveniently provided right in front of your line of sight, so you can keep your eyes on the road always.

Parking assistant also plays a huge role when trying to parallel park or pull into a space you are unfamiliar with. You can utilize the Active Park Distance Control to assist you from hitting any other cars or obstacles. There is also the option for Remote Control Parking, so you can literally stand outside of your car and watch it park itself. You can switch the engine off from your key fob and be on your way with the day.

Another parking tool is the Surround View Option. This provides the driver with a 360° all-around simulated aerial view of the parking area. You will be able to judge your distance from the curb, as well as other cars and stationary obstacles. Other great and more traditional features are the Rearview Camera and Park Distance Control. You can virtually see every aspect of backing out and pulling into spaces so you reduce and almost eliminate any chances of damaging your car or hitting the pedestrians around you.

There will be continuous updates for BMW vehicles as technology advances. You can find out more information by checking out our website.

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