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Road safety will always remain a top priority for Missouri drivers and new BMW models offer all the necessary updates in safety features to keep drivers and their families safe on the roadways. When you drive a BMW, you drive with a peace of mind knowing your options for safety are increase with system alerts and optimal situational awareness with modern technological advances in safety. Let’s view some of the newest safety options available for BMW drivers.

It’s borderline terrifying when someone unknowingly drifts into your lane. Occasionally you do it yourself without ever realizing it. To prevent this and a potential collision, there are now a variety of options that promote safe lane changes and lane management. With the Steering and Lane Control Assistant, drivers will be alerted when veering out of their designated lane. Also, the Traffic Jam Assistant can be activated for assisting the driver who’s stuck in bumper to bumper traffic jams where driver awareness and attention can be diverted or reduced. The Traffic Jam Assist function maintains a safe distance from surrounding vehicles while acting on any potential sudden interference. It also allows for steering assistance if needed.

The Lane Keeping Assistant and Lane Departure Warning functions offer side collision protection and will overcompensate toward the correct lane direction if you should unintentionally veer away from your designated lane. By using the Lane Departure Warning, if you happen to switch lanes without using your signal indicators, the steering wheel will alert the driver by vibrating. This feature will also warn you about potential collision risks when switching lanes. A great benefit when forgetting to check your blind spot or the unexpected speeder coming from behind.
Approach control is a warning that alerts the driver if the forward vehicle suddenly begins braking or stops. The brakes will automatically engage and assist the driver in avoiding a possible rear-end collision. A perfect safety tactic for the driver who becomes lost in a daydream.
You never know when you will need it, and if you do, you will probably need it more than ever. BMW has installed an automatic Intelligent Emergency Call function that sends off an immediate call to emergency services when your car is involved in an accident. A great feature to have if you are incapacitated during a collision.

Driver safety is most important when traveling in the dark. The option for night vision is now available for BMW drivers. With thermal imaging, drivers can now see people and larger animals in the dark and will provide the driver with a warning on the Head-Up Display. If a close-call situation were to occur, the brakes will begin to engage and an audible warning will alert the driver.

BMW provides drivers with optimal safety options and continues to innovate ultimate protection and assistant features to help drivers with their daily commute. You can find a sense of safe serenity driving a new BMW model, but always keep in mind that anything can happen in the blink of an eye, so always maintain full situational awareness while on the roadways.

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