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BMW Tire Patch & Repair Service

Tire Patch & Repair Service in St. Louis, MO

Tires are an expensive purchase, however, if you treat your tires well enough they can last longer than you expect! Tires are made to last four years or maybe longer, but more often than not motorists are buying new tires when they don’t need to be. Patching a tire is a real way to save money and still have top-notch tires that you feel confident driving on.
Small holes from the St. Louis’ bumpy roads are inevitable after enough time. Just because you obtain a small hole doesn’t mean the whole tire needs replacing, a patch can be extremely effective! Our certified BMW technicians will evaluate the damage and if they can avoid replacing the tire, you can trust that they will patch it instead!



The Penny Test!

If you notice a small hole in a tire and want to know if your tread is still good before coming into the service center then try out the penny test. Simply place a penny in the groove of your tire with Lincoln’s head facing down. If you can see all of his head than it is time for a replacement, but if you can’t then the hole in your tire (if small enough) can likely be patched instead! Be sure to let us know if you performed the test, we’d love to hear about it!

Signs You Need a Patch

Although you may think it is fairly obvious when you have a hole in your tire, it can be a pretty slow process if the hole is small enough and you might miss it. With a small enough hole, you can be driving around for weeks until your tire officially goes flat. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Air pressure decreases
  • There is corrosion around the valve
  • Tires are older than 4 years
  • Low tire pressure after vehicle has been parked for a long amount of time

If you notice any signs of a slow leak in your tire or want to get your tire tread & pressure checked than stop by BMW of West St. Louis and we’ll get you all patched up!

Why Visit BMW of West St. Louis for Tire Patch & Repair Service?

BMW of West St. Louis is, you guessed it located in St, Louis, MO. We also are in a convenient location for drivers in the neighboring cities of Chesterfield, MO and Wildwood, MO. Apart from our convenient location, our dealership amenities are definitely something to celebrate! What separates us from the run of the mill repair shops is, of course, the quality of our services, but also our dealership amenities. Stop by BMW of West St. Louis for your next tire patch & repair service. We would also love to chat, so give us a call if you have anything on your mind!


Dealership Amenities:

  • Genuine OEM BMW Parts & Accessories Onsite
  • Highly Qualified Service Experts
  • BMW Genius Team Available
  • Comfortable Waiting Lounge
  • Complimentary Coffee & Beverages
  • Complimentary Wifi
BMW Dealership amenities Suntrup BMW St. Louis, MO
BMW Dealership amenities Suntrup BMW St. Louis, MO
BMW Dealership amenities Suntrup BMW St. Louis, MO
BMW Dealership amenities Suntrup BMW St. Louis, MO

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