How to Install an EV Charge at Home?

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As you consider taking home the first-ever BMW i4 or all-new BMW iX, it’s also important to consider your charging options. While the number of public charging stations is growing around St Louis, your most convenient charging option comes from simply plugging your EV in after a long day and returning to a fully charged vehicle in the morning. If you prefer a hands-on approach, you may be wondering, “Can I install an EV charger myself?” Before taking home an EV, it’s best to consult an electrician to make sure your home is ready for the power needs of a fully electric vehicle. Learn more about how to install an EV charger at home with BMW of West St Louis.

EV Charging Station Installation

“Can I install an EV charger myself?” While you may enjoy performing DIY car care tips at your Ballwin-area home, the actual installation is better left to a licensed electrician. The power in your home is distributed through the power panel, which is rated for the maximum amount of current flow that it can handle, measured in Amperes. 

If you’re interested in how to install an EV charger at home, calling an electrician can help you determine whether your home can handle the power needs of an electric car. They’ll be able to evaluate if you need a new power panel or can simply hardwire a 240-volt plug into your existing system. When you hire an electrician, the installation can cost you anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars, depending on the needs of your home. 

EV Charging Station Installation: Choosing a Charger Type

To charge an EV, you have three charging station options: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 (DC fast charging). Let’s take a closer look at the charging capabilities of each type:

Level 1

The standard charging cable that comes with the purchase of your vehicle is a Level 1 charger. As the simplest of the charging options, it uses your basic house electrical current and simply plugs into a standard grounded wall socket. While this doesn’t require any additional installation, it’s typically recommended for PHEV models as it can take around 35 to 50 hours to fully charge an EV. 

Level 2

The most common option for Ladue EV drivers is a Level 2 charging station that uses 240-volt circuits—comparable to your clothes dryer power needs. A Level 2 charging station can recharge an EV battery in a quarter compared to the time of a Level 1 charging station, taking around 10 hours or less to charge a 200-mile range EV. 

Level 3

These charging stations, also known as DC fast-charging stations, are commonly seen near the Manchester area as they’re designed for commercial use. They’re great for quick stops in your day as they can recharge high-powered batteries from 10 percent to 80 percent in under an hour in some cases. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to install this station at home because most electrical grids in residential areas aren’t made to support it. 

Take Home an EV with BMW of West St Louis Today!

If you’re asking, “Can I install an EV charger myself?” Qmerit BMW electrification services can easily and safely handle your home installation needs. Contact us at BMW of West St Louis to learn more about EV models and your installation options. Then, be sure to browse our inventory of BMW electric vehicles today!

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