How Difficult Is It to Return a Leased Car?

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If you’re researching buying vs. leasing a car, one of the main advantages you’ll hear about leasing is how simple it is. Leasing a new vehicle is often a simple and straightforward process, and returning it is often the same. So, how difficult is it to return a leased car? As long as you have the necessary paperwork, and there are no issues with your vehicle, returning a leased car at our dealership is hassle-free. With that being said, we know that some drivers like you may be concerned with returning a leased vehicle.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Our BMW lease return center is staffed with a professional team that’s ready to help you when it’s time to turn in your lease. Whether you’ll be upgrading to a new leased vehicle for your St Louis adventures, or you simply want to turn in your lease and walk away, we’ve got you covered. Learn about lease returns today with BMW of West St Louis, and continue reading to learn more about the following:

  • What should you do before you turn in your leased car?
  • What do you need for a lease return?
  • What is the lease return process like at BMW of West St Louis?

What Should I Do Before I Turn in My Leased Car?

Unlike other dealerships near the Ballwin area, we do our best to ensure that your lease return is as smooth as possible. To ensure that you don’t run into any hiccups during your lease return, there are some things you should keep in mind. So, what should you do before you turn in your leased car? The most important thing is to familiarize yourself with what’s defined as wear and tear in your leasing contract.

This will help you better understand if you’ll be charged for any damage to your vehicle. You can also schedule a pre-lease return inspection to better understand what you need to address before your actual lease turn-in. Then, once you’ve addressed any issues, make sure you bring the following items to your scheduled return date:

  • Inspection report
  • Maintenance records
  • Vehicle keys
  • Owner’s manual
  • Accessories that came with your vehicle

How to Return a Leased Car

After you’ve gathered the necessary items and understand what needs to be addressed on your vehicle, you’re ready to make the short trip from Ladue to our dealership to begin your lease return. Here’s what the return process will look like:

  1. Around 90 days before your lease ends, we’ll reach out to you to go over the lease return process and schedule a return date.
  2. After you’ve performed the necessary lease return inspection, you can bring your vehicle into our dealership during your scheduled return date.
  3. We’ll confirm your vehicle’s condition.
  4. Complete any final paperwork, and you can be on your way!

We Make It Easy to Return a Leased Car at BMW of West St Louis!

If you’re ready to return your leased vehicle to our dealership in Manchester, you can simply reach out to us online to get the process started!

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