New BMW X3 Lease Offers in Manchester

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How Does a BMW X3 Lease Work?

When you know you want the sporty luxury of a new BMW X3 every few years, a lease is the right option for you.

  • You decide upfront how many years or how many miles you want to drive this car.
  • When your lease expires, return the car to the dealership. There’s no hassle with selling or trading in your old lease. BMW offers lease specials that include easy return options.
  • Save money with lower monthly payments, less money upfront, and lower state taxes. And since most leases don’t last more than 36 months, you’ll save repair money in the long run.
  • You’ll know exactly when you’ll be getting a new car. Look forward to your next new BMW!

Compare With Other Luxury SUVs

Just because you got a great deal on your BMW X3 lease doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice anything from your wishlist. See for yourself:

  • If you want interior cargo space, the BMW X3 has 28.7 cubic feet, over 10 cubic feet more than the Lexus RS 350. It also delivers plenty of towing power.
  • The plush interior of the X3, with its panoramic moonroof, lumbar support, and available cooled seats is an upgrade from the BMW X1 (which is another great BMW option)
  • For commuting in Ballwin, the X1 is more fuel-efficient than the BMW X5, averaging 30 MPG on the highway, 23 MPG in the city.

Lease a BMW X3 From BMW of West St Louis

Visit BMW of West St Louis large selection of lease offers and save time and money before you make the trip to Manchester to visit our dealership. While you’re at it you can apply for financing.

Now that you know how easy and low-stress leasing from BMW of West St Louis is, take a look at our inventory and incentives before you make that drive to West County. If you are still considering buying instead of leasing, learn more about the BMW X3 price before you visit. Or pay us a visit if you’re cruising along historic Route 66 in Manchester. We’re here to put you in the BMW SUV you’ve been wanting!